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DIABLOS Framework

DIABLOS is the Anagram for "Does It All By Leveraging Open Source". The name came from my wife, who also started the discussion by using the anagram "Does it all by learning objectives", but after some discussion and working through what this Framework's purpose, we agreed on adding an "S" to DIABLO, and changing it to "leveraging open source".

This Framework, is the beginning work of several functions, and scripts that I have built and acquired into one easy to use call. This framework is one of the simplest frameworks and smartest  framework you'll ever use.

Imagine this system as an extension to PHP with highly new reusable code snippets and just as easy as typing and sending the parameters to different functions. This system allows you to build a complete system with one call on your index page and the framework will build itself to match your site's configuration.

To learn more about this amazing system, take a look at the Functions page and Examples page of this wiki. If this system would be great for you, take a look at the Installation page.

Functions Examples of usage for built in function.
Plug Ins Designing and Building Plug Ins for Diablos.
Installation Installation of Diablos.
Code of Conduct Code of Conduct for Contributors.
History Change Log and History of Events for Diablos.
License License Agreement for the Diablos Framework System.
Naming Schedule The names of each milestone and version release schedule.
Examples Examples of usage for your project.

Web Server
AWS Ubuntu Setup an entire nGinX, MySQL, and PHP 7.0 with a simple script
LetsEncrypt Setup a free SSL for your website.
Spam Filter Systems Learn about different Spam Filter Systems